Inspections, Safety & Compliance Reports

Annual Inspections and detailed risk assessments are a recommendation of the HSE and also British and European Standards such as BS EN 1176 etc. Increasingly, major insurance providers also make  it a requirement of compliance that regular annual inspections are carried out to guarantee continued cover.

DTGS provides detailed inspections which are used to check the condition of equipment and to highlight potential faults or maintenance issues which in turn can be included in an organisations structured forward programme of repair and maintenance.

Inspections carried out by DTGS include all fixed and portable Sports, PE and play equipment both inside ( Halls , Gymnasiums etc. ) and in outside areas such as Playgrounds , sports pitches etc. together with safety surfaces and surrounding ancillary items such as seating, shelters, staging etc.

Photographs of all individual items of equipment are included in the inspection report together with detailed images of any areas requiring attention.