Equipment Supply & Installations

DTGS, together with our equipment partners, Universal Services and Neils Larson, offer a wide selection of Sports and PE equipment and can provide a specialist installation service where required.

If an item isn’t listed , contact us and we will source it for you quickly and competitively!

Gymnasium Equipment – Climbing frames, Linking equipment, Rope Frames, Benches, agility equipment, Schools packs
Matting – Exercise, PE, Aerobic & Target mats, trolleys
Netball – Posts & Accessories
Softplay – Multi shape units
Storage Solutions – Equipment racks, bracketing , trolleys
Tennis – Netting, Posts, Accessories
Badminton / Tennis – Posts, Courts & Accessories
Basketball – matchplay, Practice, Rings
Cricket – Netting, storage, Equipment & Accessories
Netting – Dividing, Cricket, Bowling, Archery, Trackways 
Football / Rugby – Goals & Accessories
Trampolines – Spotting Decks, Safety mats, spotting rigs, Mini tramps, Accessories