About Us

DTGS works with over 1500 organisations providing detailed yearly Safety inspections, Reports, servicing and maintenance of a wide range of Sports and PE equipment.

Our clients include Primary & Secondary Schools, Sports Centres, universities and government facilities and we carry out service agreements for numerous -  

County and  Borough councils 
School Federations
Education Trusts, 
Uniformed Services, 
Trampoline Clubs, 
Holiday Parks, 
Gymnastic Clubs

We bring over 20 years of practical experience  in providing clear and detailed inspections and electronic reports designed to provide you with the kind of information needed to make sports and playground equipment as safe as necessary.

Putting Our Clients First …

DTGS always puts you first.. We succeed by providing a quality service – whether it’s the inspections we supply, the maintenance we offer or the equipment we supply to our customers , you can be sure that our commitment towards providing a professional quality service is total.